Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pigford Claimants and Reopening Pigford Case

June 3, 2008

Dear Pigford Claimant:

FINALLY A DECISION!!!! Congress has passed a bill that will allow those who filed late for the Pigford Class Action, Black farmers law suit, to seek damages. One draw back to this congressional action is that there is a $100 million cap to pay the more than 60,000 claims. BFAA is working with Attorney Rose Sanders to have the cap lifted, but cannot promise anything. At any rate, if you have a claim in, have a denial letter and a tracking number, you will be allowed to file a lawsuit or participate in a class action lawsuit to pursue your claim. You will need good legal council, and BFAA can with good conscious recommends the firm of CHESTNUT, SANDERS, SANDERS, PETTAWAY & CAMPBELL, L.L.C as one such firm. You can reach this firm at 1-866-492-6200 (toll free).

In the past Pigford case, attorney fees were paid by the government. But the new legislation does not a re-open the old Pigford case. Therefore, all of the terms are not clear, but it looks as if the claimant will have to pay attorney fees.

If you are looking for a lawyer and or legal firm to represent you in this matter, please call Rose Sanders at your earliest convenience. Sanders has assured BFAA that if attorney fees must be paid by the claimant their Firm's will be reasonable.

For the past ten years, this firm has served thousands of farmers honestly and respectfully.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the BFAA office at

252-826-2800 or call the law firm at 1-866-492-6200.

Yours for the Survival of Black Farmers,

Gary R. Grant, President